Thursday, February 10, 2011

And Baby Makes Three...

Wheew... a ton of stuff has happened since our last post. We are so sorry it has taken us so long, but goodness, we have been crazy busy! Here is our life since September in highlighted form!

October 15, 2010: We're having a baby?! This was the day we found out that we were going to be welcoming a little Brock-li into our lives... Marcus will have to tell you the number of times and ways I had to tell him that we were expecting before it sunk in. It was pretty hilarious! Exactly 16 pregnancy tests later, we were for sure having a little one.

The rest seems like a blur really. We were wrapping our heads around the new addition and praising God for the blessing of course.

Thanksgiving and Christmas: Weeks 8-15 were the hardest for our household. Whoever said that morning sickness was just in the morning LIED.... I was sick all day everyday, couldn't walk from the couch to the bathroom. Couldn't eat, couldn't ride in the car without a specially designed Marcus Brock vomit catcher... No complaints over here, just telling it like it is. I thank my awesome husband and family for putting up with the comatose version of myself over the holidays. My mom was able to get some good ole East Texas love from the Brock family over thanksgiving and from what I can remember while fading in and out of sickly sleep, EVERYONE had a blast. We spent Christmas in East Texas as well and it appeared that Brock-li was starting to settle in to her new home, hence my settled tummy.

New Years: We ventured off to Atlanta for a week of eating and relaxing after Christmas. It was great to get out of our city and explore. And my tummy held up just enough to allow me to enjoy little tastes of the scrumptiousness that is Atlanta. We had a blast and just spending time together was the greatest part. We spent New Years eve at the house and I sipped non-alcoholic champagne from the couch, while Marcus enjoyed an assortment of beverages during his own private New Years party! LOL! Pretty funny.

Marcus' Birthday: We celebrated Marcus' birthday on January 8th by getting some hardwood floors and eating a marvelous dinner at Bailey's Prime. I am so blessed to have him as my husband and to be able to share him with the world for another year is amazing...

The Big Reveal: January 19th was the big reveal for Brock-li, girl or boy??? Marcus and I had hunches that we were having a girl. He had dreams even before we were pregnant about little bows and mini-me's running around. And sure enough, the tech said, :You are having a little princess" Marcus' heart melted and then his face filled with worry. The first thing he said was, "She will not be allowed to talk to BOYS"" Really?!?!? Ba ha ha ....

We are currently preparing the nursery and getting ready for Hayden Averi's arrival. God has blessed us so much and we just are in awe by His wonderful mercies. We are looking forward to some awesome friends getting married in March and in July!! The return of the Murry's from Japan in June. Finally selling this house! And of course Hayden's birth!

I still can't believe we have been chosen to be parents! Oh Hayden, please don't think we are weird.

We hope these updates have helped our family both far and near. We are so thankful that Grandma Brock is healing and that she is recovering well! God is sooo good!

Be blessed...

Marcus, Corrie, and Hayden!

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  1. YAY! you must keep up with it now. Atleast once a month. You can make that happen.